It has been just over two weeks since moving all of my clients to telehealth. I received news that we may have been exposed and felt the only thing to do in order to protect clients and colleagues was to move the practice home. My new work-mates have become teens who are either hungry, eating, thinking about eating or sleeping. Pets who are thrilled and a spouse who keeps reporting COVID-19 updates. This time is a test of our emotional resilience. As I left the office with my laptop, locked the door to enter telehealth, I felt an incredible sense of loss and sadness. I would miss my clients and my colleagues, and I was unsure about the future.

Since that evening two weeks ago, I have been asking clients about how they are doing and how they feel while doing telehealth therapy. The responses have differed, some saying how it’s different, but they are getting used to it. They are happy that we have a personal connection and they feel “known” by me. Others have responded saying it’s great, they love that they can see me so conveniently and don’t need to come into the office. Regardless of our differences, there are consistent themes that keep resonating throughout each conversation. It is our humanity, our ability to be personal, relational, resilient and compassionate. Our need to know we are in this together.

Our saying at GR Therapy Group is we are a group of individuals who are striving to create the best place for our clients and the best place for a therapist to work. I feel so incredibly fortunate to work with some of the best people in the field. Each one of us truly cares about every one of our clients. Each client is personal and unique to us. It is a relationship that is centered around trust, dedication and authenticity. We are not the “big box therapy” offices where it feels institutionalized, sterile and robotic. Each member of our staff knows their clients and they value the trust given to us to walk them through important and impactful times of life. It is a true gift.

How are we different and how can we be there for you in a way others cannot? We want to be a grounding influence for our clients, but more importantly we want our clients to know that our main focus is on your goals.

  • We do not have the large corporations telling us how to do our work; we listen to what you are telling us.
  • We are not mandated by institutional policies that inhibit your growth; we grow with you.
  • We are not told how many sessions is appropriate for you, we let you tell us how fast to move and where you want the agenda to go.

The relationship between you and your therapist is one that is built on a respectful regard for you. Whether you are looking to navigate through a divorce, a change in your job, grief, decreased motivation and productivity, or simply to heal and grow, we are there for you!

It’s no wonder why I shed some tears that evening locking my office doors. The work we do together is a tremendous part of my life and the lives of our therapists and staff. It is because we work and listen not only with our expertise but also with our hearts. During this time, it is more important than ever to stay close to others but also to stay connected with yourself. You can trust we will be there to get you through this crisis now and we will be there when things settle back down. Our strength lies in our shared humanity and compassion. Through community we heal and thrive. Thank you for allowing us to be here with you. Thank you for giving us the gift of knowing you and being a part of your life. We are truly honored to share our community and lives with you and feel our time together is precious. On behalf of all of us at GR Therapy Group, we thank you for your gift of trust. We know you have many choices in your care, we honor that you choose us and sincerely are grateful. Thank you.

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