Treating Complex Trauma Workshop

An integrative framework for treating adults with histories of complex trauma & dissociation.

Two-Day, In-Person Training for Therapists

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Individual Counseling

Confidentiality is the key. Individual therapy offers the safest, most secure place imaginable to talk through the complexities of life without having to worry about how it sounds or what your therapist is thinking. They are always listening and always in your corner.

Couples Therapy

When a person is in a relationship their struggles are automatically relational. There is no better place for people in relationships to explore their lives, grow, and heal than the office of a couples therapist.

Family Counseling

Whether you are struggling with the challenges of raising elementary students, the teen years or even beyond, your family therapist can help you discover and change the relational patterns holding your family members back from their full potential.

Group Therapy

People in group therapy improve not only from the interventions of the therapist but also from observing others in the group while receiving and giving feedback. This safe and meaningful experience is often used as a positive addition to individual therapy.

Grand Rapids Therapy Group offers experienced and innovative counseling and therapy for any situation.

By creating the best possible setting to practice, GR Therapy Group ensures our therapists can provide West Michigan with the best family, individual, and couples counseling services.

In-person and online counseling available.

Anxiety, Another Stage of Grief

Anxiety, Another Stage of Grief

I was unprepared for how Kathy’s death would affect my coworkers and me. Kathy, our administrative assistant, was someone everyone knew and interacted with each day. Sadly, she died suddenly while at work. We all felt the loss of Kathy with the added layer of being...

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Picky Positives

Picky Positives

We have all heard the expressions, “He is picky about what he eats”, or the variation, “Stop nitpicking!” If those are contexts in which you think of the word, “picky”, then maybe you associate a negative connotation with it. In that case, you might have read the...

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