In order to continue to provide services to our community while simultaneously taking part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, GR TherapyGroup is conducting therapy 100% online.

All sessions are now conducted as teletherapy either over the internet or by phone. Clients will not be let into GRTG offices until after community-wide social restrictions have been lifted. In an effort to serve our community our therapists are continuing to write informative articles while our offices are closed. Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter so you can see these articles as they come out.

We are using a secure version of Zoom to conduct online counseling. Your therapist will email you a link for the session that you will click on just before it’s time for your session. Our therapists report positive experiences with online sessions and our clients report they feel effective too.

While online therapy might not be quite the same as a face-to-face meeting in your therapist’s office we believe you will find they aren’t as different as you might think.

Please print our Informed Consent for Online Counseling, then sign and return a pic or scan of the signature page to us by email to Feel free to contact your therapist if you have any questions or ask them in your first online session.

If you are not currently a GRTG client but would like to start therapy, simply call our office at (616) 591-9000 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are answering our phones during regular business hours throughout this crisis to address your questions and connect you with a therapist who will be a great fit. If you want to talk it makes no sense to wait. Call today.

Please know that all of us at GR TherapyGroup are here to support you though this unusual time. We will continue to answer our phones, conduct therapy, and take new clients. We are all in this together and together is exactly how we will get through this. Take good care.

– Dr. Dave Thornsen

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Call (616) 591-9000 or send the email form below.