We are not powerless specks of dust drifting around in the wind, blown by random destiny. We are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes-unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose.
– Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Millions of snowflakes fall in a storm. If you have ever looked through a magnifying glass at a snowflake, you will see something far more elaborate than anyone can cut from folded paper. Scientists say no two snowflakes are shaped the same. So, what’s behind a snowflake’s unique and elaborate shape?

A crystal is shaped by water molecules in cloud droplets that condense and freeze on the surface, developing a single snowflake and creating patterns as it grows. Temperature and humidity change the growth pattern of the crystal. Low humidity creates simple snowflakes and high humidity creates more detailed, branched snowflakes. The crystal grows into a beautiful, intricately detailed snowflake. Every winter, these unique snowflakes come together, creating a blanket of beauty in our world.

Researchers have said that a snowflake’s final shape is a history lesson of how it grew. The outside edge of the snowflake is where it grew last, and as you go inward you can tell the conditions of where it was before. And its form is ever changing as the conditions and environment change.

I think snowflakes are like humans. There are some similarities between us as people, however, we really are unique. A person’s circumstances and conditions of their life are what mold them to be the unique person they are. Like a snowflake, the outside of us reflects where we have recently grown and exist in this moment in time. As you move further inside, you see the conditions that tell where we have been, that helped create who we are. And as our conditions and environment change, we change. Each person and situation are unique. So how do we stay unique and appreciate each other’s differences and keep a connection to others? How can we, like snowflakes, come together and make the world more beautiful? Imagine if we came across people the way we might an exotic animal. Assuming nothing and waiting to learn about them. What if we waited to hear what they had to say about the world and then worked together to make the world more beautiful? The uniqueness of each person can create a powerful connection that can change the world. We should embrace differences.

Here are some easy steps to celebrate the uniqueness of others:

  1. Have an open mind,
  2. Think independently,
  3. Avoid harsh judgements,
  4. Stop stereotyping,
  5. Look below the surface,
  6. Don’t fear the unknown, and
  7. Seek the positives.

We are all snowflakes. Independent of one another yet drawn together, having some similar designs. Like snowflakes we are changing. It is our individual uniqueness that makes us awesome. There is power in a group of unique people coming together to make the world a better place. Supporting each other and our differences will increase unity in the world.

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