February means seeing pink hearts, red flowers, chocolates, and sweet nothings like “be mine” written everywhere you look. There are some who see Valentine’s Day as an unnecessary and annoying commercial celebration, however, I enjoy any and every holiday, and am looking forward to eating delicious chocolates and giving out handwritten cards to the people I love. If you are thinking she must love Valentine’s Day because she is in a happy, healthy relationship, you would be wrong.

While there may not be couple’s massages in my future, I am planning on having a great time on February 14. Just because there isn’t a significant other cuddled up next to you doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate a holiday about love. It doesn’t mean that you have to be sad or lonely. Valentine’s day is about love and that includes self-love and self-care. So what can you do? Here are 20 suggestions of things you can do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, no significant other required:

  1. Treat yourself. Get your hair or nails done, use a face mask, or get a massage.
  2. Plan a Valentine’s Day “crafternoon”. Invite your creative friends over to make Valentine’s Day cards using supplies such as cardstock, markers, pencils, stamps, stencils, or heart-shaped stickers.
  3. Make chocolate-dipped strawberries. Wrap them in clear cellophane bags, tie them with pink or red ribbons, and give them to all of your single friends.
  4. Host a singles dinner party. Invite your single friends over to share a meal and toast to independence.
  5. Cook a romantic dinner for your parents. Set the table, light the candles, and make a delicious dinner to help them celebrate their love for each other.
  6. Take yourself out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Have a drink and enjoy your favorite dessert.
  7. Drink champagne. Order two glasses!
  8. Wear something festive and enjoy the holiday.
  9. Make a red velvet or chocolate layer cake. Choose a challenging recipe and be proud of yourself for completing it. Frost it with your favorite frosting, and decorate it with
    hearts or red and pink sprinkles. Share them with friends and family.
  10. Make plans. Honestly, if you don’t make plans to do something, you will end up home alone. This could lead to feeling sad or lonely, crying, or eating lots of ice cream. Avoid this problem by making plans!
  11. Make delicious chocolate fondue. Cut up strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, angel food cake and Rice Krispy treats and enjoy!
  12. Send heartfelt texts to all of the people you love in your life. Especially friends and family that you don’t see regularly.
  13. Plan a date with a close friend. Get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant, and order off of the special Valentine’s Day menu and taste different wines.
  14. Do something nice for someone. Send flowers to someone older than you and tell them how much you look up to them.
  15. Stay off of social media. It may be tempting to get on Instagram or Facebook to see what all of your friends are doing for the holiday but this may not help you feel happy or confident.
  16. Explore a new neighborhood. Go to an area of town that you are not familiar with. Walk up and down the streets, enjoy a cappuccino or coffee at the local coffee shop, and check out the unique stores in that area.
  17. Go to your favorite bar. Have your favorite cocktail, then head to the local karaoke dive. Sing some classic love songs with closest friends.
  18. Hang out with your grandparents. They love spending time with you and love you just the way you are.
  19. Have a marathon of one of your favorite Netflix originals. Order pizza, make a drink, and binge-watch shows that celebrate singles everywhere.
  20. Love yourself. Do whatever makes you happy. Go easy on yourself. Remind yourself that you are lovable and worthy of love.

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, be kind to yourself. We often underestimate, neglect, and dismiss our self-care, but self-care is a prerequisite for all healthy relationships. When you get into the habit of treating yourself with love, kindness, and respect you will never tolerate anything less. Get into the habit of showing yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. You may be surprised at how good it feels!

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