Neurofeedback can be used to treat ADHD (as well as depression/anxiety, pain management, epilepsy, PTSD). Although it’s not a cure, clients often no longer need to take medication or are able to significantly reduce medication.
September is ADHD Awareness Month and a major part of awareness is knowing what treatment options available.


Psychotherapy +Neurotherapy = A Better Brain

Neurofeedback is a comprehensive treatment system that works directly with the brain.  Psychotherapy is a tool to enrich the mind, whereas Neurofeedback is a tool to enrich the brain.  The mind depends upon healthy brain metabolism when problem solving and making beneficial change.  Two interventions are better than one.

The brain is this wonderful organ that has this enormous capacity to change.  In its simplest definition, Neurofeedback gives the brain information about itself. It’s about getting those brain waves healthy.  It is painless and noninvasive. It is a form of exercise for the brain and the end result; the brain functions better, the same way a body operates better after physical exercise.

isWhat Can You Expect?

Neurofeedback (also called EEG Biofeedback) is a technique in which computer software, similar to a video game, is used to train individual brainwave patterns to help improve brain ability to regulate all bodily functions.

In a typical session, electrodes are placed on the scalp, forehead and ears. The therapist will then monitor the client’s brain waves, using a computer.

The client will then “play” the video game with their brain, no manual game controller or a mouse, just brain power.  The therapist can then help challenge the brain wave activity without frustrating the brain, thus allowing client’s brain to build healthier brain patterns, often referred to as neuroplasticity.

In order to reach a specific objective, the training usually continues for a specific number of sessions, usually around 20.


Is it for You?

Neurofeedback is not just for those with disabilities, disorders or other mental health issues. It also is used by athletes and business people who want to operate at peak performance, or others who want to focus better.

The bottom line: A better functioning brain means better attention and concentration, better mood stability and management of emotions.

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