Are you hosting a family gathering over the holidays? Is your excitement mixed with a bit of dread over the possibility of the event not going so well? Get togethers like these can certainly be both wonderful and highly stressful — all at the same time! So, how will you cope?

Here are some easy suggestions to help make your gathering more meaningful and enjoyable:

  1. The host/hostess CAN make rules. Be willing to set limits such as no discussion about politics or other topics that can incite hard feelings. After all, you are the hostess/host. Own it.
  2. Meals should be a peaceful time. Open with a prayer or a blessing. Remind one another why we value each other. We often forget just how fortunate we are. You are the host/hostess, you model the attitude.
  3. Thank everyone for coming, and have them share something about themselves. This could be a new insight about themselves, something that’s happened to them, a purchase or class they are taking. This can promote some interesting and lively conversations, laughter and old memories. Starting out a meal on a positive note can keep the conversation light and open. You are the hostess/host, you set the tone.
  4. No electronics allowed at the table. Put out a basket somewhere for guests to place their electronics into. This will keep people from pulling them out and then checking out. You are the host/hostess, you create the ambiance.

Above all remember that LOVE WINS! And you can have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Enjoy your friends and family. Use these simple guidelines to give them a truly enjoyable holiday event they can cherish for years.

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