As an organization that is committed to supporting Grand Rapids and our surrounding communities, GR Therapy Group is proud to announce our recent collaboration with Dégagé Ministries.

Dégagé delivers services to 400-500 patrons a day, offering hope to homeless and disadvantaged men and women. Seven days a week breakfast and dinner are provided in the dining room. Everyone is afforded the opportunity to choose the meal they prefer and pay a $2.00 fee or use a Dégagé voucher, which encourages dignity and self-sufficiency. Dégagé Ministries was founded in 1967 and is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Visit their website at

Dégagé offers a Pan Handling Solution

Pan handling is a confusing subject to many. Do I offer money, or buy someone a dinner, or just ignore them? A better option is to consider purchasing several $2.00 vouchers from Dégagé and keep them in your wallet or car. A $2.00 voucher can purchase a full meal, pay for a storage locker, fund a haircut, buy a warm pair of socks and much more.

Dégagé Ministries has a beautiful mission statement: To reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect.

They are a tree of hope and empower their patrons to define themselves as people of accomplishment.

Ways to Support

Other ways you can support Dégagé is through monthly gifts. $10.00 covers the cost of one new ID. $20.00 provides ten hot meals. $30.00 accommodates one overnight stay in the Open Door Women’s Center, and $50.00 purchases 33 bus tickets that may help with job interviews.

Please join GR Therapy Group in linking arms with Dégagé as there are many areas where you can become involved. Maybe you would like to donate items to the Heartside Christmas Store, volunteer time on-site, or order Pauls’ Moms’ cookies. On the day that GR Therapy Group staff did an onsite tour we were served these cookies with our lunch and all agreed they are delicious. For more information, you can look on their website for ways to give or the Dégagé Facebook page to see what items they are in need of. Dégagé is a good alternative to giving your belongings to thrift stores.

Dégagé is very welcoming to visitors, and on Thursday Nov 12th at noon you can attend their Discover Dégagé event where you can have lunch, receive information and get a tour. Don’t forget to try one of the cookies.

Dégagé Ministries is a leader in supporting Grand Rapids community members who are facing homelessness, and there are many meaningful opportunities that invite all of us to support this valued ministry. To quote Dégagé – Doing good deeds together makes our community stronger.

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