Couples Therapy

Couples counseling can be a scary thing to start up. In fact, we know from research that couples tend to call for marriage counseling, on average, 6 years later than they should have. When faced with difficulties in the relationship, couples tend to believe they should be able to get out of it on their own. But this just isn’t always the case.

A relationship can be like traveling in a vehicle. Most of the time things go along just fine. But every once in a while we might take a wrong turn or veer off the road and get stuck in a ditch. In times like these we need the outside help of an app or gas station for directions or a tow truck to come get us unstuck.

When a relationship is in crisis the couples therapist is your app or tow truck.

Marriage Counseling

If you think your relationship could use some outside help, call the Grand Rapids Therapy Group today. We will tailor our approach to your specific situation. Whether it’s premarital counseling, a breakdown in communication, or the fear that you are on the brink of separation, a Grand Rapids Therapy Group professional will be able to help.

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