Trent Morell, LLMFT

Practicing in Grandville

Trent Morell

Trent Morell works with couples and individuals with a trauma-informed, client-centered, and systemic approach. He believes in developing a holistic understanding of his clients and their relationships (both romantic and familial) in order to properly and practically understand their life. He works with couples on intimacy, emotional connection, and the creation of a strong foundation for couples to grow and become aware of themselves and their role in their relationships. When working with individuals, Trent’s focus is on their relationship to and experience of their family of origin.

Trent works primarily with couples. His approach is emotionally- and client-focused. He combines emotional attunement with cognitive-behavioral techniques in order to assist his clients in the way best suited for them. Trent is especially interested in working with those who have previously experienced domestic or sexual trauma and hope to find peace and intimacy in their current relationship. Trent also enjoys working with adult families that are seeking to develop a better understanding of their adult relationships as children, parents, and siblings.

Trent is a Limited License Marriage and Family Therapist with a degree in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has previously worked at the Center for Healthy Families in College Park, Maryland.


  • Couples
  • Sexual trauma
  • Physical and emotional intimacy
  • Emotional reconnection
  • ADHD, depression, and anxiety in couple relationships
  • Mindfulness and Body-Focused techniques
  • Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy

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