Joshua Campbell, D-TLLP

Practicing in Holland

Joshua Campbell
The journey to personal healing can be challenging and scary at times. That being said, it can also be a rewarding experience, as one learns more about themselves and takes time to address unresolved life concerns. We as counselors and therapists are here to help facilitate and walk with you on that journey.

I am a Doctoral Temporary Limited License Psychologist (D-TLLP). I received my Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology from Lawrence Technological University, and then received a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Michigan School of Psychology. During my Master’s program, I completed my practicum experience at Lighthouse of Oakland in southeast Michigan, in which I worked with adults with a variety of life challenges (primarily pertaining to homelessness, insecurities pertaining to finances, food, shelter, stress management) as well as worked with them in different capacities (individual and group settings). I am currently pursuing my PhD in Counseling Psychology at Andrews University in southwest Michigan.

Although I have worked with various clients and concerns, the most common issues I have worked with include anxiety, depression, anger management, adjustment issues, grief, spirituality, and self-esteem issues, as well as issues related to intimate and interpersonal relationships (which includes working with couples; sex issues; divorce and separation issues; infidelity, and so forth). At the end of the day, my phrase and belief are that whatever the client brings, I will work with. I am focused on collaborating with my clients, and developing a relationship that can help bring about change and growth.

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