Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a unique relationship. Because confidentiality is key, there is no other situation like it. Individual therapy allows the client to talk more freely with their therapist than in any other relationship they have.

Whether it’s healing that is desired; some sort of change that needs to be made; or something complicated that needs to be figured out, there is no better place to do this than with a trusted counselor.

When struggling in life during times of grief or loss; the experience of anxiety or depression; needing to find the courage to make a change; or any other reason to come in, individual therapy will be the perfect place to heal, change, and grow.

Articles about Individual Counseling

Signs that You May Be in an Enmeshed Relationship

Signs that You May Be in an Enmeshed Relationship

To me, nothing is better on a Friday night than a nice drive, rolling the car windows down, and playing music. The other day on my ride home, I turned on my jazz playlist to an overwhelming volume, put the car in drive, and began filling the cabin with new, fall air....

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