Casey VanPutten, MA, LSC

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Casey VanPutten, MA, LSC

About Me

I had experienced trauma in my life… And, like many others, I had buried it deep inside because I was too busy surviving my way through life instead of actually enjoying it. I was anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

After being introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping, my entire life changed. I was able to connect with my body for the first time in my life, work through my emotions, and best of all, I felt like there was finally something I could DO when I experienced the daily stress of being a human. I felt in control and so incredibly empowered by this tool. I even began utilizing it with my kids so that they could feel calmer as well!

I am a trauma informed Certified EFT Practitioner that’s trained in a variety of complimentary healing modalities such as Matrix Reimprinting and Picture Tapping Technique. I’m also a former school counselor that has 15+ years of experience working in and out of schools with families. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UW-Whitewater, and a master’s degree in school counseling from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

I feel blessed to have learned the life-changing tool of EFT, and honored to now share this gift with others!

About EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) “Tapping” is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern-day psychology. When certain acupoints on the body are stimulated by a person tapping on them with their fingers, the brain’s stress alarm is turned off. This allows the brain to feel calmer and think differently about stressful events.

Similar to EMDR, EFT is a somatic approach that allows you to process stressful events in a gentle way without overwhelming the nervous system. However, EFT adds the extra benefit of teaching you self-help tools that you can utilize for whenever you’re experiencing stress.

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EFT Testimonials

“During our session, Casey was warm, inviting, and present. I felt extremely comfortable delving into issues from my past that I had difficulty discussing with therapists. She explained everything I was going to do and she taught me to tap out my emotions well. It was so smooth, so surreal to feel the feelings literally bounce around in my body. We were working on anger and I had tension in my gut. I tapped it out. I then had tension in my lower back. We tapped it out. I then felt buzzing and burning in my left knee, and we tapped it out. All of the tension disappeared.

​She taught me how to tap so that if/when they came back, I could tap them out. I thanked her a million times and left the session feeling so LIGHT and so WONDERFUL.

I went to work that afternoon only to realize that the sinus pressure I had been dealing with all summer long was also gone. I thought it might have been a coincidence, but 5 days later and still ZERO SINUS PRESSURE!

I can’t thank Casey enough for teaching me the tools to let these feelings GO. I felt anxious about traffic recently, and I just started tapping away my feelings. I can’t believe how effective and QUICK it is. I love knowing that I have this tool for whenever I feel anxious, and I have the power to let loose the trapped feelings that are stuck in my body.

I highly recommend that everyone try EFT. I can’t explain it enough how light I’ve felt all week. I feel like the energy in my body is now free-flowing and I feel so FREE! I think “free” is the best word to pinpoint how I’ve felt all week.

Please, please do yourself a favor and contact Casey. She is so sweet, so authentic, and so easy to sit and open up to. If traditional counseling hasn’t worked for you, then you are the perfect candidate. If you want to ease anxious feelings, then you are the perfect candidate. If you just feel “stuck” and you aren’t sure why, then you too, are the perfect candidate. Seriously, just make your first appointment and change your present, forgive your past, and feel free in your future.”

– Autumn Chittum-Vestal

I can’t recommend Casey enough! Tapping has completely changed our family tree, and I finally got the husband I married back! With tapping, he’s able to actually articulate his emotions and work through trauma in ways he couldn’t with more traditional therapy. Anyone looking for relief from depression, anxiety, anger issues or even physical pain NEEDS to schedule an appointment with Casey ASAP. You will wish you’d done it years before!

– Megan Stewart

“Casey introduced me to “tapping” and I can say that for me, as well as for my daughter, it has been life-changing! My oldest, Jensen, is prone to stress and was unconsciously doing it in class the other day (she’s a sophomore) when her teacher called her out and asked her what she was doing and to explain it to the class. Pretty soon they were ALL tapping!
Thank you, Casey!!!”

– Mandy Lewis

“Though I’ve never met Casey in person, within minutes of beginning our first session via Zoom, I felt her warmth and caring spirit coming right into the room with me. She’s helped me uncover and let go of some deep emotional issues.
She’s also taught me how to use tapping for everyday life stresses and to create more confidence and joy. Casey can absolutely help you move past emotional blocks keeping you from your full potential. I’m grateful every time we have a session and I highly recommend her.”

– Jamie Reynolds

“Casey! Thank you! I had an amazing breakthrough with my 6 yr old son after having just ONE session with you! He has been expressing anger with some friends from his bus and it has spilled over to after school while doing homework and activities. I tried holding his hand and tapping his gamut pt (on hand) and it calmed him down so quick, he started whispering with me. It was amazing and I thank you for this gem! Then yesterday at bedtime he told me he taught another kid at school to tap when the boy was crying and upset. oh, my heart!”

– Jamie Minder

“The very first thing I ever tapped through with Casey was pretty big and emotional, and despite my hesitancy, EFT really made a difference. Since then, I’ve used EFT for big issues that come up, as well as tons of smaller ones. I am so grateful to have learned this amazing modality.
The moment I found myself tapping in the car without even thinking about it, I knew EFT had really made an impression in my life! It’s so easy to do and makes an immediate and last impact and is such a great tool to have in my mental and emotional health arsenal.”

– Lindsey Thompson

“For anyone reading, my daughter struggled with feeling extremely anxious last year, we were having tears every single night before bed. I worked with Casey with my daughter only 4 times and we’ve barely had a hiccup with this since… This technique works!!”

– Angie Vaughters

“Casey is incredibly knowledgeable on EFT tapping and has been a great help to me. She’s full of kindness and her empathy knows no limits. Casey will help to find a solution that works for you and your family. I highly recommend letting Casey help you to become the best version of you!”

– Kylee Duistermars

“I am so grateful to Casey Vanputten for teaching me the powerful tool of EFT Tapping. I’m a huge believer in feeling all of our emotions and this is a beautiful way to acknowledge and help move our emotions through our body. As a mom, it’s a tool I use to model to my boys that it’s ok to have all of our feelings and that there are productive ways to process all the feels! I can’t recommend Casey highly enough!!”

– Marena Gammons

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