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Virtual Training

Are you looking to understand your child’s behavior better?

Do you want to help them learn to manage their emotions?

Do you need tools to connect on a deeper level?

Join us for a two hour deep dive on the internal workings of behavior. We will work together to learn how we can encourage the development of appropriate behavior. We’ll help you to understand why your child behaves the way they do, provide you with guidance on how to help them manage ‘big’ emotions, and teach you how to support healthy emotional development.

We will focus on the development of the nervous system and how behavior is an indication of what is going on inside. Some key lessons we will cover in this training include:

  • Emotions as messengers
  • Behavior and its relationship to biology
  • The importance of connection and safety in self-regulation

Our ability to connect and hold space for emotions is critical in helping children regulate. You are the most important piece in this process and this two hour session will give you the tools and knowledge to help your child and will set you both up for success!

Dr. Ginny Witte

Dr. Ginny Witte has a passion to help every child get off to a good start in life and to keep the momentum going. Her passion to help all children succeed begins at home with parents and follows through as an educator in the classroom. She brings her experience as a parent, educator, and as an academic together to help parents on this journey. We want our children to feel loved and prepared so they can be the best versions of who they are, and for parents to be the best version of who they are as they lead this journey. She will inform you from the love of a parent, the passion of an educator, and the research from science to help you focus in on some of the key points parents struggle with. While she now has three grown children off and running fulfilling careers of their own, she is passionate about helping parents with their children at home. Home is where education first begins. It is where learning can have a long lasting effect. It shapes the internal wiring, relationships, thought patterns and often our direction in life. Through her work with students and families over the years she has helped many parents understand their child at a deeper level as they walk this journey together. Dr. Witte holds degrees in education, Family Life, Child Development, and in Cognitive, and Movement Science. She is also a licensed educator in the state of Michigan. Dr. Witte currently trains educators and therapists in trauma with a focus on self-regulation, the Polyvagal Theory, and Somatic work.

Jana Pressley, Psy.D.


Western Michigan University
BA in Education, Science and Family Life

Western Michigan University
MA in Early Childhood Development

Michigan State University
PhD in Kinesiology and Cognitive Science


TEFL Certified

Certified RYI 200

RYI 500 in progress

Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga for Teens

Somatic Stress Release

“Dr. Witte was amazing. I enjoyed hearing her share her knowledge. She was very open as well in inviting people to share their experiences and discuss their perspectives. I appreciate her perspectives.”

“Thank you, so much! I found the material very relatable. You have a very pleasant demeanor and are very enjoyable to learn from.”

“I believe that everyone should know about the polyvagal theory and Dr. Witte did a nice job getting the information out there. I appreciate her background in education.”

“It was great training. I was so grateful for the in-depth explanation and discussion with the participants. It was very engaging and knowledgeable.”

Parenting Class: Emotional Regulation as a Tool for Positive Behaviors in Children

Virtual Training

Choose the Date that Works for You:

  • Saturday, February 4, 2023. 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm eastern time.
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2023. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm eastern time.
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm eastern time.
  • Saturday, April 15, 2023. 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm eastern time.

Location: Virtual, via Zoom

Cost: Registration up to a week before class, $49.00. After a week before class, $60.00.

Refund Policy: Refund requests must be sent to prior to class.