Need a breather during lunch hour?

Join us Wednesdays 12:15 – 12:45 PM.

Sometimes we need a few minutes to slow down our mind and our body. Life moves so quickly around us that we forget to give ourselves time to breathe and reconnect with ourselves and those around us. If you’re feeling distracted, disconnected, emotionally drained or simply stressed, join us for a 30-minute mid-day mid-week vacation to relax and renew.

Meditation Singing Bowl and Candles

Meditations will be silent or guided, depending on the week. This is a community meditation event, open to all community members. Please be courteous of our space and others who are here to meditate. If you are being disrespectful, you will be asked to leave.

You are invited to bring your own props for your personal practice including pillows or blankets. Chairs are available on location. Please note that we do burn incense/sage during our meditations to facilitate our meditative process.

This is a donation-based event. Although we appreciate all donations to assist in sustaining this opportunity, we also do not wish to exclude anyone based on inability to contribute. Our intention is to maintain the integrity of accessibility and therefore never charge a required fee for participation.

For more information regarding our donation-based community meditation, please contact Kelsey Nimmo. Kelsey is a therapist and certified yoga instructor; she frequently uses mindfulness, art, and yoga within her therapy sessions to improve mental health for her clients.

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